SEMANTICS And you will Business Of the Marriage Ritual Room (Town, Metropolises, PATH)

SEMANTICS And you will Business Of the Marriage Ritual Room (Town, Metropolises, PATH)

3, 1998 The wedding

Radost Ivaowski: Semantics and you will company of relationship ritual place (area, towns and cities, path) Anna A good. Plotnikova: Youngster within the marriage out-of southern Slavs Irina Sedakova: Matrimonial motives when you look at the slavic beginning-lore Tatyana Agapkina: Relationships inside schedule: pre- and you can blog post- marriage traditions about years’ course Tatyana Zaykovskiy: The bride to be as the a beneficial bird, 1. journey over almost every other globe Vitaliy Zaykovskiy: The newest bride-to-be due to the fact a beneficial bird, 2munio-coitus Oxana Mikitenko: Ukrainian routine ‘funeral wedding’ and its own serbian parallels Danica Djokich: The rite of good posthumous relationship on the region of your own southern Slavs Elena Uzeneva: Second ritual entry to Bulgarian matrimony objects Rachko Popov: On a variation regarding a festival wedding among Bulgarians Ljubinko Radenkovich: Demonic relationship Biljana Sikimich: Unaware bride to be Zoya Karanovich: Ritual intent behind the wedding present and you will blessing when you look at the Vuk’s ballad “Relationships out of Lazo Radanovic” Aleksandar Loma: New blocked matrimony additionally the warrior initiation Deyan Aydachich: Styles away from beauty of relationship musical Albert K. Bayburin, Georgiy Levinton: Code(s) and you will rite(s)

Relationship Since the A network Out of Signs

Relationship as a network out of rites manages the fresh new reorganization off- the smallest group of neighborhood, elizabeth.g., the household. It presents the fresh kinship interactions into the people undergoing the restructuring. This research intends to establish some of the basic properties from the brand new “language” regarding Bulgarian relationship as well as semantic rules. The meaning of relationships signs was revealed thanks to an analysis out of part of the rite personages and their actions, the major ritual items, as well as of time and you may area where such rites result. The analysis ends up with an emphasis of your own semantic union ranging from relationships together with “Earliest Celebration” rewarding the notion of the new societal and you may sheer origins destined so you can endless perish and you will subsequent rebirth.

It report suggests semantics together with construction of the room during the Gloss relationship rituals. About three issues define the wedding place company: city – structured in the marriage home as well as the community total having a chapel and you can a keen inn; metropolises – in which all crucial traditions occur, e.grams., marriage house, that have it’s indoor construction: main area, a lot more room, pantry, additional porch. Another essential a portion of the residence is door with the threshold. Another place ‘s the church where in actuality the event takes place. The next element of the marriage place is the path. The path is characterized by the following variables: 1. with respect to the roadway worried (persons – travelers, groom, an such like., otherwise items: the path regarding ritual dough, wreath, etcetera.); 2. locations – the marriage path try devided toward bits with designated beginnings avoid endings; step three. important element of your marriage street try and then make barriers (so-called – gates), which have become paid down; cuatro. different injuries on the matrimony path; 5. constant epithets define the wedding highway in the everyone poems. Crossing the wedding street and you can conquering the obstacles will be icon off including the pair to the a unique group. The marriage street metaphorically function the start of a new phase on the married couple’s lifestyle.

An infant Into the Marriage Regarding Southern SLAVS

New paper stands for routine properties away from a baby and you can miracle definition of the role from inside the South-Slavic wedding ceremony. The research of your own brands off r youngster inside wedding is actually demonstrated during the semantic, geographical and you may ethnographic facets. These types of conditions are generally inspired of the ritual characteristics of the groom and you may a baby in different relationships phase. Multiple routine actions are performed because of the bride-to-be in advance of she goes into the groom s domestic or perhaps in the original times out-of wedding in the bridegroom s house (she takes the infant upon their own horse, increases your upwards, shifts your, gives your a present and so on). The fresh new bride to be ‘s the main person who should deal with an effective level of routine serves to offer delivery so you’re able to an effective boy just like the child’ s role is mostly inactive. South-Slavic rites of the kind are different during the info however, well-known inside their semantics from fertility. Simbolic paralels (such as for instance: money – youngster, woman – pony, burden – youngster, while some) are also investigated contained in this sort of relationships rites. The brand new paper comes with a map which ultimately shows areal distribute of terms having related ethnocultural contexts. Ethnocultural and ethnodialect areas is shown and discussed for the feet of ethnolinguistic analysis of your terms and you may rites speaing frankly about an excellent youngster for the a wedding ceremony.

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